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    Crush is Dating Someone (Requested)



    "Indeed it is. All it really does in the end is screw things up.” -George †



    Outside -

    "Oh congratulations." *fakes grin*





    "I shall take out my dejection of unrequited love by becoming so…

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    INFJ pissed off for the first, second, third, or nine hundred and ninety-ninth time


    INFJ pissed off for the ten-thousandth time


  3. "You were born an original. Don’t die a copy."

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  4. Dating INFJ


    INFJs are, by definition, rare, reserved, and unlikely to initiate anything, which means that many of them can end up alone and misunderstood. To help with things, I’ve compiled a list of points which I think would be of great use to anyone considering dating someone who identifies as an INFJ

  5. INFJ: The Conspiracy Theorist


    Not Your Typical Personality Types

    Beneath the calm, collected exterior of the INFJ lies the horrible reality of someone who has seen The Truth. The INFJ knows what other people are too naive or too brainwasted to admit: the Conspiracy is real. Mistrustful and suspicious, the INFJ is not easily…

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    Best of PostSecret

  8. How to Upset an INFJ


    Things you should probably avoid doing to your INFJ if you want to stay on their good side…

    • Treat us or anyone else with disrespect or lack or morality
      Treating someone with lack of respect is a very effective way of angering or upsetting an INFJ as we believe in equality, morality kindness,…

  9. Story of my life much?

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    One of the many reasons I keep a journal.

  11. How to Understand Your INFJ: Part 1


    1. Accept that you will never really understand your INFJ. If it were possible for anyone to 100% understand any INFJ, an INFJ would have wrote a book on it by now. But the truth is, even we INFJs can’t completely understand ourselves, so we don’t expect you to. But we can tell when you’re…

    I think my boyfriend needs to read this haha

  12. INFJ personality type traits


    SEES SELF: as a deep-thinker in love with new ideas and insights, but somewhat detached from others.

    OVERRIDING NEED: to understand the complexity of people and life.

    IRRITATED BY: hypocrisy, limits on personal freedom, impersonal details and mundane tasks.

    STRENGTHS: provides…

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    "I need those TPS reports!"

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    We have enough pressures to deal with when it comes to cultivating self-love—the picture perfect images in the media, the advertisements urging us to change how we look, and the sometimes negative words from those around us—and the last thing we should be doing is adding to that by talking to ourselves negatively. One way to focus on the more positive aspects of you is to choose a (positive!) word of the day.

    Sometimes it’s hard to come up with good things to say about yourself, so I’ve created a list you can print out and place on your mirror. Every morning, if you can, choose a word that embodies how you feel (or want to feel) that day and try to keep in mind the whole day through. After choosing your word, you might even want to look up the definition to get an even more precise idea of what it means (and maybe even some additional insight on how to embrace it).  

    Bonus idea: Print out and frame the list of words. Place it somewhere you’ll see it every morning (in the bathroom or by the front door). Each day, use a dry erase marker to circle your word of the day. If there are multiple people in your house that want to participate, choose different color markers for each person. 

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